What's keeping you from kickass personal financial planning and management:

🔴 lack of knowledge 🔴 inertia 🔴 laziness 🔴 complex realities 🔴 discipline 🔴 information overload and more...

Justifiably - you really aren’t okay with that.

And we decided neither were we.

We have both created and put out things that have helped a lot of people, possibly including you, be better for their own sake, on this. Niraj has over a thousand subscribers to his newsletter, and over 180 folks have benefited from Abhishek’s course.

Come 2021, we have decided to combine our efforts and energies, to continue to create and help you and more folks with thinking through personal financial planning.

This will include ….

Specifically, you can look forward to the following:

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What we won't have

The investment you need to make….

<aside> ⏳ TIME You need to be willing to take out time, consistently - 15mins everyday, a few hours every week, for all of this to start to benefit you on your financial journey.


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